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2/7/09 Sam Catches Melinda in Several Lies Next Week on "Ghost Whisperer"

2/7/09 Chris Goes on a Date Next Week on "Everybody Hates Chris"

2/7/09 Michael and Pam Continue Their Tour Next Week on "The Office"

2/7/09 Preview for Tuesday's Episodes of Scrubs

2/7/09 Robin Begins to Date a Single Dad Monday on How I Met Your Mother

2/7/09 Brian's in the Dog House Sunday on "Family Guy"

2/7/09 Lisa Becomes a Crossword Phenom Sunday on "The Simpsons"

2/6/09 Joy Struggles With Her New Wealthy Lifestyle Next Week on My Name is Earl

2/6/09 Valentines Day Shenanigans Next Week on "30 Rock"

2/6/09 Jensen is Infected by a Ghost Disease Next Week on "Supernatural"

2/6/09 Davis Starts to See His Dark Side Next Week on "Smallville"

2/6/09 The Lead Singer of a Cover Band is Killed Next Week on "Life"

2/6/09 Recap for The Office, February 5 Episode "The Lecture Circuit"

2/6/09 Locke Works to Stop the Violent Shifts Through Time Next Week on Lost

2/6/09 A Possible UFO Encounter Next Week on "Life on Mars"

2/6/09 Evidence of Another Cloning Operation Next Week on Eleventh Hour

2/6/09 The Team Investigates a Murder at a Fast Food Restaurant Next Week on CSI

2/6/09 The Doctors of Seattle Grace & Oceanside Wellness Team Up Next Week on Grey's Anatomy

2/6/09 Archer Recoups from From Surgery Next Week on Private Practice

2/6/09 Betty Makes a Video Tribute for Claire Meade's Birthday Next Week on Ugly Betty

2/5/09 Lost - 2/4/09 Episode "The Little Prince" Recap

2/4/09 It's Valentines Day Next Week on 90210

2/4/09 A Lethal Toxin Bizarrely Suffocates It's Victims Next Week on "Fringe"

2/4/09 Alison Tries to Find a Ghost Who Witnessed a Murder Next Week on "Medium"

2/4/09 The Hunt is on Next Week on "Heroes"

2/4/09 Chuck Helps Morgan Spy on Ana Next Week on Chuck

2/4/09 Brooke Must Confront Her Feelings About the Attack Next Week on One Tree Hill

2/4/09 Uncle Bass Arrives on the Scene Next Week on Gossip Girl

2/3/09 Super Bowl XLIII is the Most Viewed TV Program in History

2/3/09 House Confronts Foreman and Thirteen Next Week on "House"

2/3/09 Jack and Company Pay a Visit to the White House Next Week on "24"

2/2/09 The Office Scores Record Ratings Following Super Bowl XLIII

2/2/09 Britney Spears Guest Stars Thursday on a Rebroadcast of "How I Met Your Mother" 2/2/09

2/2/09 Super Bowl Heroes Ben Roethlisberger, Santonio Holmes Hit Talk Shows

2/2/09 Lynette's Financial Woes Continue to Grow Next Week on Desperate Housewives

2/2/09 Rebecca Makes a Shocking Discovery about the Walkers Sunday on Brothers and Sisters

2/2/09 Chris Takes Up Boxing This Week on "Everybody Hates Chris"

2/2/09 Melinda Encounters the Ghost of an Overbearing Mother Friday on Ghost Whisperer

2/2/09 Recap of the Post Super Bowl Episode of "The Office"

2/1/09 Randy Wins a Scratcher Lottery Ticket This Week on My Name is Earl

2/1/09 Liz Learns She Has a Handsome Single Neighbor This Week on "30 Rock"

2/1/09 A Siren Puts Sam and Dean Under Their Spell This Week on "Supernatural"

2/1/09 An Explosion at LutherCorp Kills All the Board Members This Week on Smallville

2/1/09 Betty Contemplates a Decision to Help Her Family This Week on "Ugly Betty"

2/1/09 The Grave Digger Returns and Kidnaps Booth Thursday on "Bones"

1/30/09 One Hour Episode of "The Office" to Air Sunday After the Super Bowl

1/30/09 Super Bowl XLIII Commercials to Stream on the Web Immediately After They Air

1/30/09 Addison Tries to Find a Cure for Archer's Seizure Next Week on Private Practice

1/30/09 Derek Searches for the Perfect Way to Propose Next Week on Grey's Anatomy

1/30/09 Bart Simpson used to promote Scientology

1/29/09 NASA Pilot is Shot to Death Mid Flight When "Life" Returns Wednesday on NBC

1/29/09 Robin Has Four Days to Get a Job on Monday's Episode of How I Met Your Mother

1/29/09 Preview for Next Week's Episodes of Scrubs

1/29/09 Blair is in the Mood for Revenge Next Week on "Gossip Girl"

1/29/09 Lucas Wrestles With Casting His Movie Next Week on "One Tree Hill"

1/29/09 Kate Discovers That Someone Knows Aaron's True Paternity Next Week on Lost

1/29/09 Adrianna Reveals Her Pregnancy to the Baby's Father Next Week on 90210

1/29/09 Lost - 1/28/09 Episode Recap

1/29/09 The Team Unravels an Assassination Plot on the Vice President Sunday on The Unit

1/29/09 Dominic Monaghan and Jerome Bettis Star in Next Weeks Return of "Chuck"

1/29/09 Sam and Ray Are Linked to a Series of Decapitations Next Week on Life on Mars

1/29/09 A Federal Judge is a Suspect in a Murder Next Week on "Lie to Me"

1/28/09 Everyone Tries to Return to Normal Lives When "Heroes" Returns Monday on NBC

1/28/09 Chris Studies for a Big Test Friday on Everybody Hates Chris

1/28/09 Medium Returns Monday on NBC

1/28/09 A Mysterious Virus Emerges Next Week on "Fringe"

1/28/09 Joy is Confined to a Plastic Bubble Tonight on My Name is Earl

1/28/09 Flashback Episode to Sam & Dean's High School Days Thursday on Supernatural

1/28/09 Tess Makes a Shocking Discovery at LutherCorp Thursday on Smallville

1/27/09 Hilary Duff to Guest Star on Ghost Whisperer April 10

1/27/09 Holly Holds a Business Ethics Seminar Thursday on "The Office"

1/27/09 Melinda Faces The Blogger Who Knows Her Secret Friday on Ghost Whisperer

1/27/09 The Case of a Woman Who Collapses in a Cooking Class Next Week on "House"

1/27/09 Dabaku Seeks Another Target to Pressure the President Next Week on "24"

1/26/09 Hood Investigates a Man With Two Hearts Thursday on "Eleventh Hour"

1/26/09 Scott Bakula to Guest Star on Multiple Episodes of "Chuck"

1/26/09 The Team Investigates the Murder of an FBI Agent Thursday on CSI

1/26/09 Celebrated Photography Exhibit "24: Redemption" Moves to Paley Center in NY

1/26/09 Gio Returns and Betty Tries to Make Amends Thursday on Ugly Betty

1/26/09 The Chief Announces A Solo Surgery Will be Awarded Thursday on Grey's Anatomy

1/26/09 Addison's Brother Moves to Los Angeles Thursday on Private Practice

1/26/09 Life on Mars Returns to ABC Wednesday

1/26/09 Preview for Tuesday's Episodes of "Scrubs"

1/26/09 A Sudden and Tragic Event Tonight on Gossip Girl

1/26/09 Regis Meets a Burger Mad Marshall Tonight on How I Met Your Mother

1/23/09 Preview for Next Week's Episode of Lie to Me

1/23/09 Desmond Searches for a Woman That Can Stop Time Movements Next Week on Lost

1/22/09 NBC Announces New Online Dictionary for Fans of "The Office"

1/22/09 A Rastafarian Mom and a Money-Minded Mom Tomorrow on Wife Swap

1/22/09 Lost Recap for January 21, 2009 Episodes

1/21/09 Dixon Gets a Job at the Peach Pit Next Week on 90210

1/21/09 A Brain Liquefying Killer is on the Loose Next Week on "Fringe"

1/21/09 Chris and Greg Need Fake ID's Friday on Everybody Hates Chris

1/21/09 A Classmate Helps Lisa Unleash Her Inner Author Sunday on The Simpsons

1/21/09 Ashlee Simpson to Guest Star on CSI: NY Wednesday March 18

1/21/09 Unearthing a of Grave Leads to a Mass Haunting Friday on Ghost Whisperer

1/21/09 Jack Convinces Liz to Go to Her High School Reunion Thursday on 30 Rock

1/21/09 Darnell Must Assume a New Identity Thursday on My Name is Earl

1/21/09 Michael and Dwight Go Undercover Against a Competitor Thursday on The Office

1/21/09 ABC Launches Lost: Showdown

1/21/09 Fall Out Boy Performs The Simpsons Theme Song on Sunday's Episode

1/20/09 A Child's Cancer Disappears After Drinking From a Spring Thursday on Eleventh Hour

1/20/09 Cameron Takes on the Job of Supervising House Next Week on "House"

1/20/09 Sam & Dean Investigate a Death in a Town Full of Magicians Thursday on Supernatural

1/20/09 John Jones is Shot on This Week's Episode of "Smallville"

1/20/09 Dabaku Presses the President to Comply With His Demands Next Week on "24"

1/20/09 Dr. Langston Faces His First Day on the Job Thursday on CSI

1/20/09 Violet Discovers She's Pregnant Thursday on Private Practice

1/20/09 A Death Row Inmate Fights to Donate His Organs Thursday on Grey's Anatomy

1/19/09 New FOX Series "Lie to Me" Premieres Wednesday

1/18/09 Preview for Wednesday's "Lost" Season Premiere

1/18/09 Jennie Garth Returns This Week on 90210

1/18/09 Olivia, Walter and Peter Race to Solve a Murder This Week on Fringe

1/18/09 Lucas & Julian Must Choose a Director for Their Movie Monday on One Tree Hill

1/18/09 Students Find Out Who Will be Attending Yale in the Fall Monday on Gossip Girl

1/18/09 A Blizzard Shuts Down the City Monday on How I Met Your Mother

1/18/09 Agent Walker Copes With the Volatile Investigation Monday on 24

1/18/09 The Team Helps a Suicidal Man With Severe Chronic Pain Monday on House

1/17/09 Preview for Sunday's Episodes of The Simpsons on FOX

1/17/09 Sarah's Business Partner Makes a Surprising Confession Sunday on Brothers and Sisters

1/17/09 Beau Bridges Guest Stars Sunday on the 100th Episode of Desperate Housewives

1/16/09 House Celebrates 100th Episode February 2 on FOX

1/16/09 Ratings Report: 23 Million Viewers Bid Farewell to Gil Grissom on CSI

1/16/09 Jo Helps a Single Mom With No Control Over Her Kids Tonight on Supernanny

1/16/09 Chris Joins the Wrestling Team Tonight on Everybody Hates Chris

1/16/09 Melinda and Sam Go on a Road Trip Into His Past Tonight on Ghost Whisperer

1/15/09 NBC Announces New Season Pickups for The Office and 30 Rock

1/15/09 Idris Elba to Guest Star in Multi-Episode Story on The Office

1/15/09 Comedy Legend Chevy Chase to Guest Star in Spring Episodes of "Chuck"

1/15/09 Sam and Dean Investigate a Young Female Ghost Tonight on Supernatural

1/15/09 DC Comics' Legion of Superheroes Arrive Tonight on Smallville

1/15/09 Hood Investigates Mysterious Outbursts of Violence Tonight on Eleventh Hour

1/15/09 Grissom Makes the Stunning Announcement He is Leaving Tonight on CSI

1/15/09 Violet Secretly Dates Pete & Sheldon at the Same Time Tonight on Private Practice

1/15/09 Derek's Mother Makes a Surprise Visit to Seattle Tonight on Grey's Anatomy

1/15/09 Betty and Hilda Clash After a Family Crisis Tonight on Ugly Betty

1/15/09 Salma Hayek Guest Stars Tonight on 30 Rock

1/15/09 Michael Spills the Beans About Dwight & Angela's Affair Tonight on The Office

1/15/09 Erik Estrada Guest Stars Tonight on My Name is Earl

1/15/09 Booth & Brennan Investigate The Death of Two Circus Performers Tonight on Bones



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